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Register on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement site. This site is free, and when you are asked for an organization, use National American University. White papers are articles submitted by experts in the healthcare improvement field and discuss the many issues that we examine in the class. Many of these authors are the faculty (presenters) at the IHI Forum. This highly acclaimed conference draws over 6,000 healthcare workers from some 42 countries. The IHI staff and presenters are the best in the healthcare improvement field. To access the ?White papers,? you need to register (it is free). For organization type, use School Allied Health Professions; use National American University for the Organization. Once registered, go to Knowledge Center, IHI White Papers. Choose an IHI ?White Paper? of interest to you and write a 2 page (minimum) summary report. Be sure to reference your article using APA style. IHI specifically defines how to cite the white papers. You will need to access the PDF link to access the full text. Your IHI white paper MUST come from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement website and MUST be referenced in APA format.